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How Male Fat Loss Works And How CoolSculpting For Men Is Unique

How Male Fat Loss Works and How CoolSculpting for Men is Unique

Most fat loss plans and procedures just aren’t marketed with men in mind. And the…

Can You DIY CoolSculpting At Home?

Can you DIY CoolSculpting at Home?

We all love DIYs, life hacks and natural remedies, but DIY CoolSculpting is something that…

PlatinumCare LA Selected As A Top Doctor For CoolSculpting

PlatinumCare LA Selected as a Top Doctor for CoolSculpting

Founded in Los Angeles by top doctors, lawyers and executives of Facebook and Twitter, ZendyHealth…

CoolSculpting Cost And Why It’s Worth It

CoolSculpting Cost and Why it's Worth It

We know that the real thing you want to know when considering CoolSculpting cost or…

Are There CoolSculpting Side Effects Or Risks?

Are there CoolSculpting Side Effects or Risks?

After reading about fat loss with CoolSculpting, you may be thinking that it sounds easy—too…

CoolSculpting Vs Laser Liposuction

CoolSculpting vs Laser Liposuction

A candidate for CoolSculpting vs laser liposuction may look very similar. They are usually men…