Vitamin IV Drips

You’re probably wondering: “Why the need for IV vitamins when I can just take pills?” This is the most often asked question we get. The answer is that pills taken orally get metabolized and broken down by your liver, yielding only partial vitamins that get absorbed. IV infusions however completely bypass the liver, resulting in the absorption of the full effect of these powerful and necessary nutrients. Browse our list of infusions that can help you. PlatinumCare LA is offering this revitalizing vitamin IV drip therapy in Los Angeles. 

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Vitamin IV Drip Services

Myers Cocktail

The original vitamin infusion. Named after the famous Dr. Myers, this original IV vitamin infusion has been included for a variety of chronic diseases and helps people feel better, more energetic, and refreshed.

Hangover Helper

We’ve all had that night of partying a bit too much than we wanted. You’ve tried coffee, advil, and water but still can’t shake it? End your hangover with our special blend, in 30 mins feel back to normal and resume a productive day.

CEO Special

Well its not exactly the Bradley Cooper miracle pill from the movie Limitless, but its pretty close! Give yourself an edge mentally and sharpen your focus to tackle the day’s most challenging problems.

Athletes Advantage

Whether you’re getting ready for a major event, or you just cant avoid getting sore from a workout, this mix will help recover and repair after workouts, whether weight/resistance or aerobic.

Keep Me Beautiful

Of course beauty is skin deep. A celebrity favorite, this exquisite mix gives you a whole body rejuvenation from the inside out! This drip focuses on hair, skin brightening, and improving your nails.

Immunity Booster

Boost your immune system and help prevent travel sickness. Defend against superbugs and common viruses, like the common cold and flu.

Make Me Feel Young

They may not have found the actual fountain of youth, but this infusion comes as close as you can get! You’re active lifestyle finds you getting that tan at the beach, but aren’t you worried about damage from the sun? This treatment contains age-fighting antioxidants that can offer protection from UV damage, wrinkles, toxins, and dryness.

Fire me up!

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted and fatigued? Work, school, shopping, fitness, social activities with family and friends can make the most energetic person tired out. Say good-bye to caffeine and high-sugar energy drinks that cause you to crash quickly. Getting IV fluids, vitamins, and needed electrolytes into your bloodstream allows for better absorption of these vital ingredients to keep your body ecosystem balanced.

PreOp Pop

Want to gain an advantage in prep for surgery and post recovery? Whether its your back, hip, knee, plastic, bariatric or general surgery, this drip contains the necessary vitamins and anti-oxidants, which allow for faster healing time and recovery. Try a drip both before and after surgery.

Destress and Relax

Meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises are great but sometimes they just don’t do the job we need. With some specially selected vitamins and nutrients, calm the body, modulate your moodiness, and reduce your irritability and other signs of stress.


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