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Participating in a sport keeps you in shape and provides a lot of enjoyment, but to be at your best and help avoid injury, you need a sports physical. PlatinumCare LA provides complete sports physicals in Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Playa Vista, CA, for student, amateur and professional athletes.

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Sports Physicals Q & A

Why are sports physicals important?

Sports physicals are important for determining if your body is healthy enough to take part in a sport activity. Not only can an exam help you play to your best ability, but it can also help prevent injuries. Your doctor may also be able to provide you with tips to help you become a better athlete.

What is included in a sports physical?

There are two primary parts of most sports physicals. In the first part, the doctor will take a complete medical history that includes information about your health as well as the health of your family members. The medical history provides a lot of important information that can help the doctor make an accurate assessment of your health in terms of your sport, so be sure to answer all questions fully. In the second part of the physical, the doctor will conduct many of the same examinations as would be performed during a regular physical exam, plus other assessments that are not typically included. Some of the evaluations include measurement of your height, weight and blood pressure; listening to your heart and lungs; and examining your ears and throat. You may also be given a basic vision exam and lab work may be ordered. Once the doctor has collected all your health information, including results of any lab work, your forms and paperwork will be completed.

How does a sports physical differ from a routine physical exam?

A sports physical focuses on your ability to perform a certain type of activity instead of focusing on your general health. The aim of the sports physical is to ensure you’re healthy enough to participate in a specific sport with equally specific physical demands. As a result, it’s not as comprehensive and inclusive as a routine physical would be, and should not be used in place of your regular physical.


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