Our holistic approach at PlatinumCare LA defines us as we are the only wellness center to thoroughly approach all of our patients’ aesthetic and health care needs in one practice. Our focus is on patient satisfaction, staff professionalism and excellence in care.


Submental (Chin)
Bra Fat
Love handles (Flanks)
Inner thighs
Outer thighs
Above the knees (Distal thigh)
Banana Roll (Area under buttocks)

IV Vitamin Infusions
Hangover Helper
CEO Special
Athletes Advantage
Keep Me Beautiful
Immunity Booster
Make Me Feel Young
Fire me up!
PreOp Pop
Destress and Relax

Whether you are a new patient at PlatinumCare LA or one of our regulars, our doctors will make your visit comfortable, informative and efficient. Our professional, friendly staff is available to assist you in any way you need.

Primary Care Services
Annual Physicals
Weight Loss
Concierge Medicine
Sleep Apnea
Geriatric Medicine
Urgent Care
Pre-Op Clearance
Blood Pressure Maintenance
Treatment Of Illness
STD Screenings
Flu Shots
Travel Medicine

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Our vision is to refocus and redirect the passion and energy of the primary care physician to serve the patient, first and foremost. No matter who you are, the answer to finding the best primary care doctors is PlatinumCare LA. We believe that no person, hospital or insurance company should come between the most sacred relationship left—that of the doctor and patient.

We Accept All Major Insurances

We Accept All Major Insurances

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Los Angeles, CA 90048

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Culver City

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